At Half Eight, we are focused on offering the best quality CBD oil products to our customers that stand out from all the other brands in the market. We follow a lofty definition of quality. Quality at Half Eight means safe, legal, organic, healthy, and well tested.

We are transparent about the origin of the hemp plants we use and the process of extracting CBD oil. We also value our customers’ right to know where their products come from. We painstakingly ensure that the hemp plants we use are certified organic. Half Eight follows highly accepted standards in the industry to test our final product.

We also want you to experience the best service when our products are delivered to you. Half Eight ensures efficient and reliable shipping to wherever you are. You can get in touch with us if you have a question about our CBD oil.



Half Eight is a family run business that offers high quality CBD oil products to customers in regions where purchasing marijuana products is legal. All our products are 100 percent natural, organic, and quality tested. We are the best source for safe and legal CBD oil in North America and Europe.

CBD oil is rapidly rising in popularity thanks to its wide-ranging therapeutic properties. Our customers who have used CBD oil claim it can relieve pain and helps them with sleep. CBD oil is in demand more than ever, therefore the market is saturated with various brands. At Half Eight, we are committed to offering only the highest quality products to customers.

We offer quality-tested CBD oil guaranteed to be free of harmful chemicals, toxins, solvents, and similar byproducts of the manufacturing process. Half Eight uses the CO2 extraction method to prepare CBD oil so the final product is as healthy as possible.

Half Eight CBD oil is organic and GMO-free. We source hemp plants from legal and well-regulated farms in Colorado and Kentucky. We have warehouses in the UK and the USA to ship products quickly and efficiently to customers in North America and Europe. Half Eight CBD oil meets the EU’s strict regulations on hemp products.

It is perfectly safe to use by adults. You can give it to your pet too, as long as your veterinarian recommends it. Our thorough quality check process and organic sourcing ensure that you can use CBD oil without worries.